Derek Webb @ Jammin’ Java

What started off as a semi-uneventful day turned into something much more…
After working from 7 til noon, I quickly hoped in my Gray Ghost (aka the Max II) and it was off to lunch with Brian and Kyle. Back to work after a nice lunch at Pizzeria Uno’s and off to a few meetings. Around 6:30 in the evening I was off to Chiptole to meet up with Derek, Richard and Butterfield. As it would be, I was running late — I’m “Better Late Than Never Man”, what can I say? Apparently though no one showed up at Chipotle ‘cept for Derek, so he headed over to Jammin’ Java and wallah, Bender, Richard, Dave, and company were all there. Funny how that happens.
After a quick bite to eat, it was time for Judd and Maggie to open the evening’s music. Not too shabby, good sound, but either the sound setup was a little too much power on the instruments or they just don’t have the vocal projection that they could have had in the venue. Nevertheless, definitely a nice way to open for Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken.
If I said that I wasn’t blown away by Sandra’s voice I’d be lying. She definitely has a refined voice and some incredible projection. She and Derek played a few sets of music together with some great transitions (to all who were there you know what I’m talking about) and even played Free Bird. It was definitely a great night of music, a great time to relax and hang out and just enjoy not being at work or home. These two former members of Caedmon’s Call definitely have a unique sound that is just incredible.

Something else that Derek was fairly adament about was the Blood Water Mission. It’s pretty incredible and humbling to know that the people of Africa don’t have suitable drinking water, or even water that is suitable for hospitals. People typically think of how AIDS/HIV and Ebola ravage the country of Africa. It’s not just that though, if you don’t have clean water, it’s hard to have a healthy body. If you don’t have clean blood during surgery you’re even more susceptible to infection and disease. As American’s we are incredibly blessed with the medical technology and wealth of natural resources. This ministry is one that Jars of Clay, another Christian group is involved with. If you are interested in finding out how you can help, check out the website above.
Oh and care of Derek Webb — Happy Cinco de Mayo and “Cheers” 🙂

[Listening to: Nobody Loves Me – Derek Webb – The House Show (3:51)]

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