Biggest Burger around…

But as Greg from would say, “Not the best.” He reserves that for Catbo Border Cafe in Centreville, VA. Mind you though that the biggest burger around is a 15 pound burger served up in PA. Don’t believe it? Check this out then:
Yahoo! News
Update: For those of you curious about Kate Stelnik, the gal that downed the burger —


3 thoughts on “Biggest Burger around…

  1. I can feel the arteries clogging… Must.. have… nitroglycerin… but wait, I can’t reach it. Something is on my legs.. Oh God! The super-monkey-gargantuan-sized-big-belly-butt-buster-burger fell on me… Only if I had the “Life Alert”… “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up because some big-a55ed burger collapsed my table and fell on me….”

  2. Well I’ve eaten an entire 12″ pizza before. I would have loved to see a picture of this woman after she had finished eating that thing.

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