Fear the Computer…

So after reading through an article titled “AI Seduces Stanford Students” on Wired.com dealing with the “chameleon effect” and how it’s possible for a public figure to mimic their movements causing the human brain to trust them more. Granted, this is something that you learn in business ettiquette classes, meet the person that you’re communicating with using the style of communication that they’re using and you’ll be able to better communicate with them and build bridges as well as be able to relieve some of the tension that might be there depending on the situation. However, I do find it concerning that mimicing gestures a short amount of time later works — I might have to try this at work πŸ˜€
Something else that was slightly disturbing was how computers are able to blend a person’s face into a public figures face. Doing this somehow tricks or persuades the human mind to trust this figure more since they see themselves in the person perhaps. I find it quite disturbing reading the statistics as to how people that were polled that saw themselves blended into another person were more trusting of those people.
Check out the full paper, it’s only 21 pages in length. Click here to get it.

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Video Card Madness – ATI Crossfire

To all the gamers out there that remember the Voodoo cards and the 3d rendering cards that required a 2d card as well for the general out put, look no further than the ATI Crossfire. From the review over on Anandtech my tongue is definitely hanging out of my mouth. The catch behind it all is that it requires that you have two PCI-Express slots, one for your video card and one for the Crossfire. For a picture of how this setup works – click here. Apparently a couple of motherboard manufacturers out there are beginning to make motherboards with two slots, but still, it’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I’d defintiely be interested in seeing a computer with this running though πŸ™‚

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It’s time to move…

Well, it looks like it’s time to move inland as CNN Weather tells us that according to their hurricane forecast for this year it’s going to be ‘Very Active’. I wonder what the furthest reaching hurricane inland has ever been. So I guess that’s the trivia question of the day, anyone that can answer it I will be greatly indebted to…somehow…sort of…yes. πŸ˜‰ I mean I know that hurricans have pressed through Alabama and up through West Virginia before, but have we ever had a hurricane sustain power or be large enough that it gets to say Michigan or Dakota (formerly known as South Dakota)? Thoughts?

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Ahhh the gym…

You know, there’s one thing that I beat myself up about that really makes me wish that I was more disciplined. It sort of reminds me of Romans 6. I do not do the things that I should… I should go to the gym daily and exercise and let my body tire itself out naturally and keep itself in shape, but I don’t. I should be biking and walking miles and miles a day but I don’t. I should be committed to going to the gym and keeping my body, my temple holy. However I don’t. I see this in my every day life as well. There are many things that I don’t. Most of the time it’s out of fear. What will people think if I step up and say something. What will people think if I stand out like a sore thumb? I think it’s time to take a stand and be committed, and kick some butt. It’s time that I get back on track to bench pressing 275 and having arms larger than most peoples waists πŸ™‚ Tonight’s accomplishment, 10.72 miles of hilly bike riding… more to come sooner or later.

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Zen Neeon

Okay, so I heard about the Zen Neeon one morning before work while I was going through Bloglines reading a posting on the Register about the Creative Labs Zen Neeon. The first thing that came to mind was the Dodge Neon at which point I thought of a horn honking “beep beep”. Not a very manly beep at that though. Don’t get me wrong I’m blown away at the technological genius of the different major players (Apple, etc. ;-)). But what cracks me up is apparently you can change the backlight between seven different background colors, “to match your mood” as the site states. Oh and beyond that, check this out, it comes in “10 different brushed-metal blackplate covers.” No offense, but I like the colors that the Apple iPod come in, oh wait, white or black πŸ˜€
Get this it has a 5GB capacity, enough for 2500 songs. This is something that I don’t quite get. The Apple iPod shuffle that I’ve got can hold about 270 songs on it depending on what I throw on there. Now, it’s the gigabyte size. Let’s do the math here. 1 GB x 5 = 5 GB. Okay, hopefully you’re following me here so far. Now we take the linear relationship that we’ve just seen and apply it to the songs (no compression algorithms I know of ladies and gents)… ~270 songs x 5 = 1,350 songs. So, how is it that they’re saying 2500 songs? Are these songs that are shorter than regular? Songs that are like a minute long? Come on now Creative, do some real marketing analysis, no one listens to short songs anymore… it’s all ball bearings (name that movie).
I will give them credit that they’re able to squeeze 16 hours of battery life out of their Neeon (beep beep), but I still think that the design could be better, it looks almost like the size of an old Nokia cell phone.
Oh but wait, a couple of slides in they mention how it is “Faster and easier than ever. Playing your songs that is. Thoughtfully located on the Zen Neeon’s side, the scroll-wheel lets you select and scroll single handedly…” Now, I hate to break it to you, but I can navigate my iPod 20 GB regular and my iPod Shuffle single handedly. Take that Creative! πŸ˜€
Beware the Charisma of the Zen Neeon, it might just draw you in and make you love it, even if it’s of a different political party πŸ˜‰ Viva Las iPod!

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