The Clarity of Thought…

A friend of mine came over this evening as she was in need of a place that was quiet and where she wouldn’t be bothered so that she could work on a term paper. Not a problem I thought to myself, I’ve got some CCNA reading on VLANs that I need to do and won’t be a distraction to her.

So she came over and while she was working on her paper, she took a nap on one of our four couches in our living room area. When she awoke she made her way over to the part where we have our HD TV setup – I was watching the Atlanta Braves vs. the New York Mets game on ESPN HD… *sigh* sadly my Braves lost… nonetheless, we chatted a bit and one thing she mentioned was how there was a news story about how the newly ordained Pope’s brother had enlightened the public that apparently his brother has some issues remembering things from time to time. Understandable for a man that is 78 years old.

Reuters apparently published an article stating how the 81 year old brother of the Pope talks about his brother’s forgetfulness. However, what seems to be ironic in the story is how the brother mentions,

“His clarity of thought,” his patience and “that we help each other out,” Bild am Sonntag quoted him as saying.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but how can someone have clarity of thought and yet be forgetful. This boggles my mind so.

Nevertheless, for the full article, you can read it here from BERLIN (Reuters).


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