Not All Teas Are Created Equal…

…or at least that’s what StarBuck’s would like us to believe.
I guess I’m thoroughly blown away by the way that StarBuck’s has begun to corner the Tea market after having cornered and become the ruler of the U.S. coffee market. It’s amazing that people are willing to pay $4 for a cup of coffee every morning. That’s approximately 250 days (50 weeks, 5 working days… figure they’re taking two weeks off where they’ll be away on a beach in Corolla, NC where they can only go to a place that serves “cheap” coffee that’s stinkin’ great, like maybe at Cravings off of the main road in Corolla) and at $4 a cup, that’s $1,000. Now, let’s see, if they put $83 a month ($1,000 / 12 months) into an ING direct savings account (if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll give you a referral that will help you out) with approximately 3% APR you would have $1,012.33. Sure, that’s $12 interest that you have to report on your next year’s taxes (speaking of which I should probably file mine eh?) but that’s $12 worth of songs on iTunes that you’re able to make now. If you were to let that sit for another year, with the same amount of money put into the account you would end up with $2,050.33 — amazing what a little interest can do in a year isn’t it?
So am I saying that you need to revolt against StarBuck’s and stop drinking high octane coffee that is supercharged with caffeine? By no means, rather you might want to consider putting away $4 for each cup of coffee that you drink into a savings account.
But, before we dot our i’s and cross our Teas (pun intended) and finish this thought, I’d like to get back to the e-mail at hand (now that we’ve had our lesson on compounding interest being a good thing). It’s funny how they even attempt to put a math lesson dealing with inheritance of objects and classes “All Tazo is Tea. But Not All Tea Is Tazo.” First off, why do they captialize every letter? Doesn’t That Seem Odd To You? Me too. Next on is the desciprition of how they pick their tea. Doesn’t it seem somewhat odd that they have a shaman involved? What about a priest? a pastor? an elder? a rabbi? Is StarBuck’s pushing religion? Hmmm… The tagline as it is would be startling enough as it is “Tazo — The Reincarnation of Tea.”
Now, for those of you that think that Tazo is just not the top quality tea that it could be, I give you the alternative — Stash Tea. So why don’t they have a store you ponder? Good question. They even have a history of Tea, information on Tea Types and even an article about Where It Comes From. Sadly they also suffer from the Every Work Should Start With A Capital Letter syndrome. But from what I’ve been told this tea rocks, so you too should check it out before hitting up StarBuck’s for some Shaman tea… granted, maybe the Shaman could make it into a love potion of sorts… right… enough rambling for now…

[Listening to: The Way I Was Made – Chris Tomlin – Arriving (3:33)]

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