Clocky vs. SleepSmart

So I tend to sleep through my alarm clock… not quite sure why. Typically I just don’t hear it, though apparently it does go off as I’ve had reports from one of my housemates that he hears it in the morning and actually uses it to get up in the morning to read for a while before going back to sleep.
Well, enter a new invention by the students at Brown University. Apparently it measures the sleep cycle of the person that’s sleeping and then goes off in a soothing manner at the lightest point in the sleep cycle. Now, I think that this is quite a cool invention, but do you think that it will work for even people like me?
To read more, check out this article on Yahoo!.
But wait, doesn’t this look like a cheap knock off of MIT’s Clocky, the clock that runs away from you? I wonder which I would be more suitable for someone like me. My guess is that if Brown and MIT combined forces they might be able to make the alarm clock that is soothing and runs away, though if it were soothing you might reach out and snuggle with it… hmmm…

[Listening to: Summer In the High Grassland – The Silk Road Ensemble & Yo-Yo Ma – Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon (4:36)]

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