Dell + Dual Core = Something else for the Geek to Procure Next Month

Okay, so I won’t deny it, I have a problem. If there were such a thing as Gadget Owners Anonymous, I would be a weekly attender. My desktop alone is ridiculous. The Dell 2001FP 20.1″ flat panel monitor, the IBM Thinkpad T40, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse, the 1 GB Sport Drive from Lexar, the Dlink Blue tooth transceiver that is broken :-. The VeNture True North stainless steel mug, the 20gb 3rd generation iPod, the 40gb Western Digital ATA hard drive, the other 256 mb thumb drive, the 6 in 1 card reader, the gigabit 5 port netgear switch, the Cambridge Soundworks speakers. Yeah, like I said, I see it, I see it as being an improvement, I procure it.
So AnandTech has an article about Dell putting out the Intel Dual Core processor chips in their high end machines (Dimension XPS and Precision 380). Check out the specks:

    Dell Precision 380:
    * Intel 955X Express Chipset supports up to four SATA II drives and RAID 0,1,5,10
    * DDR2 ECC memory for reliable operation
    * Future support for Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64
    * Rack-mountable chassisDimension XPS:
    * Intel 955X Express chipset with integrated Intel XD antivirus protection
    * Six expansion slots (1) PCIe x16, (1) PCIe x4, (1) PCIe x1 and (3) PCI
    * Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Media Center Edition 2005

Needless to say that it will require a considerable amount of will power to steer myself from procuring said computer. Granted, I’m content right now, with the Dimension 8300 and Dimension 8400 happily crunching away and Folding proteins from Stanford when I’m off at work.
I must say though that the Dell Precision 380 is looking mighty tempting… must resist 😀

[Listening to: Who Said – Planet Funk – The Italian Job (3:45)]

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