What’s that? More e-mail from Starbucks?

Well, after about a month, it happened again. Starbucks decided to send out another marketing e-mail. And low and behold I decided to read it. Luckily for me I grabbed a Diet Mountain Dew Code Red before reading it to keep myself in “caffeine” check, not falling into the lustful temptation of a black and white mocha with whipped creme ::homer simpson drooling sound::.
Of course, as I read this e-mail I think to myself, “Spring Fever” and I suddenly think allergies. I think of spring seasons past where I’ve had bacterial and viral strep throat where I could hardly talk. I think back to the boxes of tissues that I’ve gone through. Spring Fever to me my friends is not a fun time of year. I don’t know, maybe to some people it’s relieving because then they have an excuse to skip going to work — unfortunately for me, not going to work is like taking away a drug addiction — I love the stress and the excitement and the rush that you get when you find something new in the technology world. Sure, these are all lovely pictures which brings me back to the thoughts of coffee — okay, not really, but serioulsy, what’s up with these e-mails. I think they’re kind of funny… What about you? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us all. So many of you are selfish in your thoughts and never share 😦 It makes all of us that read this blog sad that you’re not willing to share your thoughts. Seriously though, I think it’s clever that Starbucks is doing this, I just wish that they could come up with something a little more catchy rather than only having this written to attract the metrosexual male’s attention such that when he reads through this ad he’ll suddenly start thinking of the perfect pastel tie to wear to Starbucks on his next visit… Call me jaded 😉

[Listening to: Never Alone – BarlowGirl – BarlowGirl (4:30)]

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