Fling your heart out… you’re a sport baby!

Darts Officially Recognized as a sport
LONDON (AP) — Darts long has been associated with smoky pubs and beer-swilling participants, but that didn’t stop Sport England from officially recognizing it as a legitimate sport.

I don’t know whether I should herald this as progress in sports or if I should sigh and take a sip of my pint and wonder what the daffy English Knights (kuh-nigg-uts) are doing.
Now mind you that I think that it is a good thing that they are going to set limits on amounts of alcohol that dart flingers (I would assume that there’s a more professional name… but this shall have to do for now) can consume. At least according to SI, they state that in the future they might be limited to two pints. For some smaller people that could still be disasterous.
Just remember, this is another sport where you might shoot your eye out, so be responsible, use rubber tipped darts.


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