:-) I feel loved.

You know, there’s just something about getting prank calls at 11:30 in the evening from college students from the church that just makes me smile. I think I threw them for a loop though by only laughing and chuckling at them. Did you know that I’ve got dry cleaning to pick up? Pretty wild if you ask me since I have all my suits and shirts. Ahhh, well, it definitely made my night, made me smile big and feel warm inside. Oh, and the number that they gave me was priceless, I googled it and laughed when I saw what it was. Silly House, Trix are for kids =)

2 thoughts on “:-) I feel loved.

  1. *gasp* I can’t believe that they’d prank the Geek on his own site.

    Granted, it’s a Brian Regan quote, and since he is so cool…

    “Is your refrigerator running? It is… ohhhhhhhhhh”

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