Have you ever just not been able to fall asleep? That’s me of late for some reason.

Nonetheless, after checking out Nap D with some friends, I figured that I would come back and play a little Halo 2 with my friend b34n. He definitely schooled me, but at the same time it was nice to have him take a little bit of time and try to get me to play my game a little better.

So after that, I come upstairs and lo and behold there are a couple of messages from DJ. So I check out some other stuff he mentioned and figure, let’s google “Torrent” after reading an old article in Wired magazine.

So one of the first sites that comes up is apparently shutdown by the MPAA, can you believe that? I was pretty shocked to be honest, I mean, here little ole me is just looking around wondering what the big fuss is about Torrents and boom “This site has been…” I guess you could say that I’m happy to see the MPAA doing something about all of this piracy because it really is just plain crap that people are stealing stuff like this :- Nonetheless, check out the above, I think it’s a classy page that gets the point across.

Nevertheless, it being 4 AM, and knowing that I have quite a bit of reading to get done today, I should probably head to be… yeah… sometime…


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