Rise of the Machines

Well, it’s official, I’m a fan of the movie Terminator 3 so much that I went out to Blockbuster last night at a little after midnight with one of the four horsemen (David) and procured it for a week of viewing. So after popping over to Kyle’s and parking along the street (even though it was packed and we had to circle up and down it a couple of times til we found a spot) and seeing Brandon and Josh (the other two horsemen) we were back to the Ush (formerly known as “The Bachelor Pad” and “The Fletch”) to watch Terminator 3.
What a phenominal movie! 😀

When comparing Terminator 1 with Terminator 3 there really isn’t much of a comparison. Terminator 1, though a phenominal film produced and written by the great James Cameron (producer of such films as Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, Titanic among others), it was made back in the mid-80’s and just really didn’t have the funding for cool special effects. Granted at the time, that technology didn’t really exist, so that’s understandable…
Even comparing Terminator 2 with Terminator 3, there are some technological advances that occurred between the two films (12 years) that aided in the different things that Kristanna Loken (T-X) was able to do. For instance, sure, in Terminator 2, the T1000 was able to do some pretty cool tricks, but the ability to change one’s arm into a flame thrower or plasma weapon of some sort, “Like whoa.”
So, if you’ve never seen T3 yet, I highly recommend it. It has an R rating for graphic violence and language. Some of the graphic violence may cause some people to squirm.


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