Sir Bill

Philanthropic Gates made honorary knight
He won’t be called Sir Bill, he said, laughing but looking down at the table with a touch of embarrassed modesty. The richest man in the world hopes not to share the fate of Howard Stringer, chairman and chief executive of the Sony corporation. “He gets a hard time, it’s sir, sir, sir all the time,” said Bill Gates.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, but it’s funny to have read blog entries crying out that one of the most despised technological geniuses and premiere business architects has been knighted. What I find interesting about this is how people associate Gates’ job with him as though that is all he does, as though he is a fixture of Microsoft, doing nothing but working. Hello people, he does have a personal life, he is married, he has parents, he’s not just a workaholic like most people may think that he is.

For instance, he and his wife Melinda have a philanthropic foundation that has very little to do with Bill’s day job. Not only do they have scholarships available to give aspiring students a chance at going to an academic institute that they might not otherwise be able to afford to attend, but the also donate millions of dollars a year to different causes attempting to better America. And it doesn’t just stop there, Gates’ foundation is working to help educate other countries around the world that don’t quite have the many benefits of a free education that so many people take for granted here in America. In addition they are working to helpout nations with health problems.

So explain to me why it is that we associate people with their day jobs so much? Hardly anyone knows what I do and Isort of prefer to keep it that way, allowing me to enjoy my life outside of work, allowing me to work in the lives of others. Why not give people like Bill a chance to do that as well? Sure, not many people are happy with the way that Microsoft does things, but at least he’s trying to do things for the bettering of humanity…

One thought on “Sir Bill

  1. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also donates, if I remember right, more than the U.S. does to help stop the spread of AIDS in Africa. No matter what anyone has to say about his software, hardware and/or business practices, this man is smarter than most when it comes to running a business (and he was also at the right place at the right time), but he also has a generous heart when it comes to things outside of the business world (much unlike his unforgivable, yet effective, ruthless tactics in the industry). Having two kids and using the same methodologies in the biotech industry as he does when designing software (let’s hope they don’t have all of the security holes) he has been able to contribute to the advancement of biomedical research. You can read more about an intern’s experience with Sir Bill at

    Oh, and this is when I plug the website:

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