When the cats away…

Hungry Field Mice Knock Out Phone Network

I know that like most people you probably expected the completion of the commonly known cliche`, “…the mice shall play.” However in this case, it would seem that these little mice were quite the menace in central Sweden. How the mice were able to get through the shielding that usually encompasses fiber optical cables that are run underground is a mystery to me unless of course they were able to get into a duct that cables might typically be run through.
What’s even more fascinating though is the response of one of the telecommunications engineers who was quoted as saying:

“This is not at all common,” said Hans Borjesson, a technician at TeliaSoneria.

I guess that’s not the first thing that came to mind for me. I suppose I thought that this was an every day occurrence. Perhaps someone should notify Sweden to be on the lookout for more of these rodents without a cause…


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