Anyone up for a challenge?

Divers Scrabble for a Guinness record
A pair of Tasmanians have found a unique way to combine two of their passions – deep sea diving and playing Scrabble.
Okay, so these guys decided that they would play scrabble 18 metres (nearly 60 feet) under water at Little Waterfall Bay, I suppose that’s in Australia. And it looks like they had to get some modified gear to be able to play this game. You would think that they would be able to find something that would hold their pieces to the board besides just having keeping the board isolated in some manner.
So here’s what I’m thinking, anyone want to go to their local swimming pool with me, with some scuba gear and play a game or two? We’ll need two or three players to make it interesting. I’ve already had one young lady volunteer and something tells me that she’s a Scrabble Shark (hehe) even though she says she’s not all that great a player. And we’ll need a water proof board, some grease pencils to keep score, maybe an underwater camera. So who’s up for the challenge to pull this stunt off?

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