There are those times where we work, and we work hard. Yesterday was one of those days. It was one of those days where I went to sleep on Sunday evening, a few minutes until 1 AM, and woke up at 4:30, only to do a little work til 5:30, then heading to the office, arriving at 6:30, emerging from the rain and mist that hit Northern Virginia. So after not having lunch and continuing to work until 6:30 or so, I headed home, had some pizza, and then went to my bedroom. I say and read for a little while and thought to myself, “I’m going to the gym at 9:30″…
I woke up this morning at 4:30 fairly refreshed after about 8 hours of sleep. Am I starting a new trend of going to sleep early? Oh no!!! I’m becoming my parents 😉
So yeah, I’m taking care of myself, sort of… in case you were worried or wondering. Alas, back to work… cheers!


Fling your heart out… you’re a sport baby!

Darts Officially Recognized as a sport
LONDON (AP) — Darts long has been associated with smoky pubs and beer-swilling participants, but that didn’t stop Sport England from officially recognizing it as a legitimate sport.

I don’t know whether I should herald this as progress in sports or if I should sigh and take a sip of my pint and wonder what the daffy English Knights (kuh-nigg-uts) are doing.
Now mind you that I think that it is a good thing that they are going to set limits on amounts of alcohol that dart flingers (I would assume that there’s a more professional name… but this shall have to do for now) can consume. At least according to SI, they state that in the future they might be limited to two pints. For some smaller people that could still be disasterous.
Just remember, this is another sport where you might shoot your eye out, so be responsible, use rubber tipped darts.

Mac OS X Eat Your Heart Out

Even though it’s become fairly apparent that I love and endure macintoshs, with their sleek corners and flat smooth surfaces, and their beautiful UI (that’s User Interface for the uncultured ;-)), it would appear that Linux fans are about to have something that is simply incredible.

Monkey Hoot Productions (I’m liking it already with the name of the group being that) has been working on physics models for window moving in X-Windows. Can we just say that I’m blown away by the MPEG movies that they have demoing their interface tweaks? I’m wondering when Microsoft is going to give a face lift to the UI… the highly touted Longhorn perhaps? We shall have to wait and see. But for now, check out Monkey Hoot’s review on Seth Nickell’s Blog.

The Incredibles

So I found out that the Incredibles was playing over at University Mall and then I found out that Greg hadn’t seen said movie. Needless to say, Wednesday night we went and saw it for a whopping total of $6. What can I say but, whoa! 🙂 What a great movie… next up is “Meet the Fokkers”.


So my buddy Aaron and I are talking it up this evening and we start throwing acronyms around like they’re common place computer functions like strcat, array_pop or ping. And so all of a sudden, something takes hold of my fingers and I mosey on over to search for the term FLA (four/five letter acronym) and find this cool page with all sorts of acronyms. Needless to say, BTDTGTS.

’nuff said

Anyone for a Trip on the Tube?

Okay, so I broke down and bought an iPod Shuffle (1 GB) and it’s been truly marvelous. I wear it under my tie at work and have music at my disposal at a moments notice. At the gym it’s fantabulous as I wear it under my long sleeve shirt and merely have headphones coming out. So I read about this advertising campaign over across the pond in Britain and I really want to go check it out.
Anyone want to buy my ticket for me? Anyone want to go along? 🙂