Sin City: Klamath Falls, Oregon

With Frank Miller’s comic book series becoming a film featuring Bruce WIllis and Jessica Alba among others, apparently Miramax has begun working on plans for a sequel. However, like most movie sequels, they tend to stray from the original novel or story line quite a bit. In this case, the sequel seems to be set in the town of Klameth Falls, Oregon where the Oregon Institute of Technology sits on the northern edge. It’s a quiet town, but apparently there seems to be immorality and sin creeping into the culture and lifestyles of its residents. For more on this breaking store, read the story here.

[Listening to: Supersonic – Jamiroquai – Synkronized (5:15)]

Update (2/26/2005 13:44): Apparently a separate part of the production crew has started thinking that the next Sin City will span many cities to make it more appealing to the broader public. Apparently the town of Boise, Idaho has taken their attention. A clever club that apparently hosts Art Night may be included in the next thriller.

[Listening to: John Lurie: Stink (short version) – Various Artists – Get Shorty Soundtrack (2:26)]

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