Interceptor Missiles Hits Test Target

Interceptor Missile Hits Test Target
WASHINGTON (AP) — An experimental naval interceptor shot down a short-range ballistic missile target during a test over the Pacific Ocean on Thursday, missile defense officials said.
It’s comforting to know that the US military has once again invested time and research money in guiding the development of a program that is relevant to the world in which we live, defending our nation from future threats. Being proactive in dealing with threats is something that our country is getting better at, but sometimes I wonder. Nonetheless, I’ve definitely been impressed with the specs of the SM-3 missile that I’ve read from among other places (yay for Google). And from what I’ve read about the AEGIS program, it’s a pretty impressive program with some pretty intense computing taking place. I hope some day to actually see a missile trial aboard an AEGIS cruiser or destroyer as I’ve heard that it’s quite an experience to put a bird in the air. I wonder what the computer rooms look like that run these defense wonders… one can only imagine right? I applaud the men and women of the US Navy for giving of themselves and protecting the nation’s waters, as well as the scientists, engineers, consultants and technical advisors which make this program a reality.

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