Beer…. with sugar?

Court deals blow to German beer law (Reuters)
Reuters – Germany’s nearly 500-year-old rules guarding the purity of beer
have been dealt a blow by a court judgment allowing a small brewer to call its product
“beer” even though it contains sugar.

Okay, so I admit that this story isn’t all that incredible, but I still think that it’s somewhat interesting that the Germans value “Pure Beer” so much. Strange don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Beer…. with sugar?

  1. Hmmm, interesting vantage point. I would say that it’s because they have lots of chocolate. Plus they probably have some of the most innovative engineers in the world. Sadly though I can’t say that they know what water really is supposed to taste like since it’s pretty bad over there… maybe it’s gotten better in the past 15 years, but I doubt it.

  2. Hey, I think that beer needs all the help it can get in the taste department. I’ve found that mixing beer with root beer can be helpful.

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