Much adieu about Coffee…

I confess, I have a softspot for Mocha’s… preferrably the White Chocolate Mocha with three shots of dark chocolate interspaced with three shots of white chocolate. It’s a whole new taste that was recommended by Brandon Fitzpatrick, Starbucks Barista in chief. Seriously though I think it’s funny the number of e-mails that I receive from Starbucks from time to time. For instance, this evening I get home and I’m cruising the Information Super Highway thanks to Mr. Al Gore when I look down and I see the little Mozilla Thunderbird flapping it’s wings, flying around, letting me know that I’ve got new electronic messages to digest. So I open Thunderbird and begin looking through my e-mail and I see the Subject Line: “This email is intended for adults 21 and older.”

Suddenly I started to panic thinking that something had gotten through my e-mail filtering system that I have running. I glanced at the From field and my right eyebrow raised slightly above it’s normal position wondering why in the world someone would say that they were “”. How preposterous of them to pull such a prank. I mean, it’s one thing to send nasty e-mails claiming to be the FBI and saying that you’ve been looking at sites that you shouldn’t be looking at, but to send something as and state that the e-mail is for adults 21 and older sends chills down my back. How dare they infiltrate starbucks and send smut.
Luckily I’ve got Mozilla Thunderbird setup to intercept images in e-mails and blank them out upon first viewing unless I press the Show Images button. So I examined the e-mail and realized that it was safe to show the pictures, thinking that perhaps whoever sent the e-mail out from the marketing team of Starbucks was going to get fired for putting such a precarious title. It’s like the posters in highschool that had in big bold letters, “SEX!!!!” with lettering below them stating, “Good, now that I’ve got your attention, vote Usher for Class ’97 President.” I never did win that election… probably would have helped if I had run for it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Much adieu about Coffee…

  1. So you asked me to comment on your blog…
    This is what comes to mind…
    It’s still coming…
    It’ll come one of these days….

  2. Ahhhhhh, the joy’s of addiction. I too, my friend, am addicted to Starbucks; or as I like to call it “Liquid Crack”. (I think crack in some bigger city’s would be cheaper) My weakness is the Venti Raspberry Mocha! Just thinking about it makes me wrap my belt around my arm, clinch the end of it with my teeth, and start hitting my forearm to bring the veins to the surface…

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