I don’t feel like being responsible anymore…

Have you noticed that in this day in age that we don’t seem to be able to accept life as it is and just move on? Instead we throw ourselves pity parties and begin to become infuriated that we were wrong. We think that for some reason we deserve something far better than what was received. We for some reason think that we as consumers are gods.
We live in a day and age in which we think that we all must be treated equally. That everything must be available on demand at any instant for us at a price that is low enough to be equitable for us and yet high enough that others are unable to attain it.
Where do these thoughts come from? Mostly they come from people suing companies because a particular product that they want is not available to them. For instance, a year ago, people were infatuated by the iPod Mini and because of the consumer demand, Apple did the best that they could to put the product on the shelves of their stores. People were frustrated that they could not purchase the iPod mini and began to start thinking about filing class action suits.
I’m trying to figure out the logic in this. Company creates a new product and like any good systems engineer only creates a limited number, not knowing if there is going to be a market demand for the product. Apparently crowds of people love the new item and it sells out. In any other world, people would understand, “Whoa, that’s a hot item, I should probably just wait until more come in and look forward with great expectation to it coming out.” These are the people that understand that companies cannot just create 10 million iPod mini’s because they understand the fact that if they didn’t sell that they would be in quite a bit of trouble.
Instead though we have people like the Smiths, next door neighbors of the Jones that can’t accept the fact that they have to wait and they feel as though their liberty to happiness has been violated. So they go to a lawyer that is only out to find controversial claims, nothing that is really earth breaking or helps to protect society’s true liberties. These lawyers in turn create an incredibly lose interpretation of the law and search through law books, seeing if other such heinous claims have made their way through the court systems before and if not, attempt to scam a buck or two.
So what do I think of all of this? I think it’s lame. I think it’s despicable. I find it to be pathetic that people would waste their time in such activities. I’m sure that they could find a thing or two to do to contribute to society rather than just being unsatisfied. I bet that if they spent the time trying to become better educated or reading books or hanging out with friends and family that they might just find that they find more satisfaction in the life. Come on folks, suck it up 🙂

[Listening to: Goa – John Powell – Bourne Supremacy (3:00)]

2 thoughts on “I don’t feel like being responsible anymore…

  1. I can’t remember the exact story, but I remember last year hearing about these ridiculous claims made by consumers that they were going to begin suing Apple because they were only releasing it in small lots :-

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