Where do Legos come from?

Have you ever wondered where Legos come from?
Semi interesting to go and look at the Lego web site and read about the history of the company. Apparently back in 1932 it was founded, but in 1934 they had some interesting occurrences. Such as the fact that they adopted the name “Lego”, forming it from the Danish word “LEg GOdt” which means “Play well”. In Latin, unbenownst to them at the time, it means “I put together”. How cool is that? How often do you find yourself naming something and then finding out that it means something very relevant to your purpose in another language? Often? I think not.
Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see that they had the motto and work ethic which stated, “Only the best is good enough.” Where did companies like this go? Why do we not have them still around these days?
I do find it funny that another web site I found thanks to BlumenVasen.org, leads us to the “Making of a Brick” web site (http://www.popandco.com/archive/moab/). I find it hilarious that they state that legos come from being scraped off the inside of magic trees by tiny Danish elves. 🙂 Okay, so they admit it’s not true, but it’s a cute thought. Enjoy…


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