Random Skittage

So last month we went up to White Sulpher Springs in Mann’s Choice, PA. While we’re up there DP makes us do a skit with random sayings. So yeah, here’s our script.
Josh S. – Group member, Jon B. – Group member, Sara C. – Group member, Suzanne C. – Coffee Fanatic, Dan U. – Coffee Cashier

Scene: Group of three slightly confused patrons enter a coffee shop, standing in line talking about the oddest things that you could ever think of. At the front of the line is our coffee fanatic, the beautiful Suzanne C chatting it up with the coffee cashier.

Fade in from black…
Josh: And that’s why I have six fingers on my right hand.
Sara: You think that’s bad? My dentist replaced my tooth with a candy corn.
Dan to Suzanne: Hi there, welcome to Dan’s Duck’s, what can I get for you today?
Suzanne: May I have a quad venti, five pump white…no… gingerbreadm five pump vanilla, three pump mocha. Oh and give me ten percent off because I work in the shopping center. To those behind her: I’m a tight wad.
Dan: So that’s five pumps of gingerbread as in five hundred thirty eight?
Suzanne: No, five pumps of gingerbread as in five hundred twenty six.
Dan: Oh.
Jon: That’s okay. I like socks with holes in them so that my feet can breathe.
Sarah: Really? Do you like to fish? I like to fish blindfolded.
Dan: Speaking of blindfolds, that reminds me of an old story. My grandpa hung me on a coat rack and left me when I was five. It was back in 1984 and I remember there was music on. It haunts me to this day. It was Van Halen on the radio when he put me up there. The song that was playing was “Jump” and all I remember thinking was “That’s Jesus speaking to me.”
Jon: That’s Jesus alright. Jesus is like Coca Cola, He’s the real thing baby.
Suzanne: 80’s Music Rocks!
Josh: I don’t remember the 80’s. I don’t remember much of anything. But it seems that someone drew on my face with permanent marker the other night.
Fade to black…


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