The Complete Works of Shakespeare…Abridged…in 90 minutes…

Ever been to Staunton, Virginia? Ever wonder how to pronounce Staunton? Well, now you have something all the more to wonder about with regard to this city in West Central Virginia as the Blackfriar’s Playhouse presents “The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged.” This performance lasts days upon days, weeks upon weeks… actually it all takes place in about 90 minutes.

See HAMLET performed backwards, forwards, and sideways, TITUS ANDRONICUS as a cooking show, a rap version of OTHELLO, the history plays performed as a football game, and much more. It’s a rabid riot of physical comedy and breakneck banter that lampoons the world’s greatest playwright and all of his plays. Whether you already know and love Shakespeare or wouldn’t recognize iamb if it bit you in the leg, this is unbridled fun for the whole family. (Courtesy of Shenandoah Shakespeare Website)

Interested in going? Act now, it will only last a few more days 🙂


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