Like whoa, what a stud!

You’re wondering who this cute kid is, and I have to take credit for him. That’s right, he’s my nephew thank you very much 🙂 Okay, so I know, I’m slightly biased, but I still think that he’s the cutest kid in the world. Maybe it’s because he’s a blood relative, or maybe it’s because he really is the the cutest nephew, EVER. He’s almost 2 years old, any suggestions on when I start teaching him about general relativity and atomic molecular optics? All comments are welcome 🙂
Now you’re thinking, “Okay Mr. Joker, so that means that you’re not as busy as you seem to be, maybe you’re just avoiding all your friends.” Actually contrary to belief since my little shindig out to Las Vegas for the IEEE CCNC I’ve been busy beyond belief with work. I’ve been able to get to Bible study at Bender’s and also over at Flug’s, and sure, I’ve had a little time here and there to take in an episode or two of 24 season 3, but outside of that I’ve been at work. So if I don’t reply to an IM, or an e-mail, or don’t answer the phone, it’s not because I’m being a loser jerk face, rather that I’m probably sleeping or not around and you only see my screenname go from idle to around because I just logged into my computer at home remotely. Nonetheless, I just thought that I would share the picture of Zachary with you all because he’s my mascot 🙂


3 thoughts on “Like whoa, what a stud!

  1. You know, I said I wouldn’t post this until May, but I must say that he’s grown so much that it totally astonishes me. Oh well, back to getting ready for another academically rigorously challenging semester of law school.
    The Daughter in Chief

  2. This is the elusive Daughter-in-chief post, the much sought after, often imitated, yet rarely obtained, blog-acknowledgement that is the final stamp of approval on a personal online journal. These posts are characterized by her wit, sarcasm, cynicism, and all-around effervescent personality. Prior posts have been similar to the Daughter-in-chief’s original work but lacked that certain je nais se quois that is the earmark of the true thing. Beware all cheap imitations (see the “Emily” post of January 21).

  3. I agree that Zach is the cuties kid ever. It may be because he is my Grandson, but no that’s not it – it really is true. Glad to see that Dan is keeping busy.

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