IEEE Membership

Well, I decided to take the plunge and finally joined the IEEE and the IEEE communications society. Why you ask? Mostly because of the papers and experiments that my collegues in both the scientific world and industry are partaking are simply incredible and this gives me even more access to them. The conference I was at was the IEEE Consume Communications and Netorking Conference in Caesar’s Palace. For the most part it was a good conference, very interesting ideas that the academic world has out there, it’s more just leveraging their knowledge for real world applications that should be interesting.
In other news, I’m attending part of the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information check out I’m somewhat bummed that I will only get to see about two hours of booths — there are over 24,000 booths. It would take over a month to adequately go through each booth.
After that, I’m heading back to Los Angeles, having dinner with Rob and Erin (yay!!!) before taking a red eye back home so that I can go to work and give a quick glimpse of what I’ve been up to this week here in Las Vegas — no gambling thanks. And then it’s off to the College Life Winter Retreat — boo yah!
To those of you that I have talked to while I’ve been out here, I thank you for taking the time to talk, it’s rough when you go somewhere and you’re on your own in a land that is of the world.


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