Initiation (updated)

So I guess I was initiated tonight by a group of lovely young ladies (or at least that’s what I shall call them for now ;-))…

I think I identified all the different things… baby powder, shaving cream, hand soap, silly string and baby marshmellows. Good work, very nice job… took about twenty minutes to clean off. If you’d like to see the full edition close up, click here.
I think I’ll be praying and meditating for a few days on 1st John 4:18-19, trying to think of a way to show these lovely young ladies that though it was funny and cute, that it still hurts a little bit. I love you all, thanks for showing that you do care about me a little bit… even though I apparently am a nerdo! Click the below link to see more pictures.

Updated – 5:44 AM, January 2, 2005After talking to a friend of mine that I accused – which I deeply apologize for having accused, very much wrong of me, just the first person that came to mind, I took a long long drive out to Manassas and just looked at the stars for a while and felt dumb for the way that I reacted. I guess it’s more that the marshmellows in the front were goopy 😦
Alas, here I sit, laughing at the pictures, looking at my car, it looks like a powdered donut – good thinking with the baby powder, I have much to learn in the art of toilet papering 🙂 I would never have thought of doing something quite this intricate. So for your amusement, here are some more pictures.

Okay, so this was actually a couple of days ago, whoever did this one as a pre-emptive strike, it was pretty lame. Click here for full image.

Very nice work, but the handwriting on the wind shield with hand soap, I can’t make out what it says. Click here for full image.

I would like to give some cool points for the use of the silly string – good work 🙂 Click here for full image.

Good wrapping technique around the rear view mirror, however, please be careful not to push on the rear view mirror since at least in my case they’re electronic and I would have for them to get knocked off the little control mechanism. Click here for full image.
Nonetheless, again, I apologize to those that I accused right off the bat, totally not a good thing for me to do. But seriously, the grin on my face was one of, “Yay, I’ve been accepted and initiated” when I first saw it. I love you all so much!


One thought on “Initiation (updated)

  1. Bah! Amateurs. Although, I have to give them credit for creativity in the “materiels” there employed. But I am not so sure about the technique used…

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