Getting Fresh with your Oreo

So I must say that I had one of the most startling revelations today while walking to and fro in Harris Teeter with Dave today. There have been times where I’ll be there with Suse and we’ll be going through the Kiwi fruit finding the freshest and most ripe kiwi that we can. Well this time instead of checking the freshness of fruit by taking the Kiwi fruit in one’s hand and seeing if it has just a little bit of give, this time instead Dave is standing there holding the different bags of Oreo’s.
“Oh this is a good one. Whoa, check out the freshness on this one. I think these were made a few hours ago.”
Please note the slight use of hyperbole, but in all honestly, I kid not, we went to Harris Teeter and checked the Oreo’s for freshness by touch before purchasing them…just thought I’d share.

Listening to “Fire of Unknown Origin” by Blue Oyster Cult on their “Fire of Unknown Origin” album.


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