December Spam and Stats

So the Ball dropped in Times Square. Many people kissed. Others resolved to change their lives. And then there are those of us that went and looked at a statistical analysis of our e-mail and our web site. Yes yes, thanks DP, I can already hear you screaming “NERDO!” at the top of your lungs.

Would you expect anything less 🙂

So, the spam tally for the month of December was approximately 436. Yes, that’s right, 436, 4 as in 423, 3 as in 3068 and 6 as in 677…no 676.

As for web trending. I had the following stats for the month of December:
Unique Visitors – 2371
Day with most visitors 12/24/2004 – 118
Day with fewest visitors 12/1/2004 – 56
Average visitors per day – 76.48

This is up from November’s statistics:
Unique Visitors – 1557
Day with most visitors 11/27/2004 – 89
Day with fewest visitors 11/9/2004 – 21
Average visitors per day – 51.90

With regard to Browser wars, I would definitely say that Microsoft has something to worry about considering only a slim majority was taken by their browser as can be seen below:

Internet Explorer – 541 visits – 50.89%
Mozilla – 432 visits – 40.64%
Other – 67 visits – 6.30%
Netscape – 14 visits – 1.32%
It should be noted that 1308 visits could not be evaluated, which is more than half of all the visits. However from the above statistics with a little less than 50% of the precincts reporting, it would seem that Mozilla is doing far better than Microsoft would like to let on.

Listening to “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” by Culture Club on their “Kissing to Be Clever” album.


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