Aaron’s Lights

Yes, I do have friends out side the state of Virginia 🙂 My buddy Aaron from when I lived in West Germany (yay for being an Army brat) pushed this picture to me this evening.

I must say that I thought that it was hilarious 🙂 But you know what, it’s not the size of the lights, its the efficiency of them. Look at how many garlands of lights the other guy wasted and how many Aaron used. Yeah, exactly! Luminescence factor = +10 for Aaron.
Click here for the full size image. This picture was taken on December 21, 2004 from some guy’s driveway. Apparently he wasn’t too happy to have some random guy setting up a camera in his driveway, hence the reason we give him on sharing of the by-line. This picture was taken using a Canon 300D with a “butt ton of fancy lenses.”


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