The Four Horsemen

Well, we totally missed Ocean’s Twelve.
And the only person I have to blame is myself. Pretty funny in that I purchased tickets for myself, David and Brandon online and we flew out to the theater. Next time I need to remember to go to the right theater, especially when you’re cutting it close on time. But, it was actually a bless in disguise for an evening of fun and laughter with three brothers in the Lord as we have forged a bond together.

Nevertheless, we were able to lure Josh to come over and spend a fun filled evening with us, watching Serendipity with John Cusack (man among men in the acting world) and then were onto just hanging out and talking about life and what God had been showing us, as well as other silly guy stuff. Oh the fun…. oh the sleepage.

So, around 5 AM, Brandon started getting phone calls from co-workers letting him know that he needed to come and open StarBucks because apparently the person that was supposed to open didn’t. So after no sleep, poor Brandon had to get himself out of bed. Josh of course wasn’t doing all that much better, he got himself whipped quite a bit that evening.
All in all, it was a grand evening of fun and bachelorhood. I love you guys!

Listening to “Cheris” by Madonna on “The Immaculate Collection” album.


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