So I subscribe to a mail service to consolidate all of my different e-mail accounts out there (for those of you tuning in from, this is why you never receive anything from over at Pretty nice, sure it’s $40 a year, but it’s 2 gig of space that’s accessible via IMAP — something that Yahoo, Hotmail, nor GMail have available yet. So it has SpamAssassin running at the maximum level of filtering because I really do dislike it when I receive messages that are regarding a prize I won or worse — dontcha know? So I figured that I would do a little tally. In two days, I’ve received 53 spam messages. Now, you have to remember that this is to be somewhat expected considering some of my e-mail addresses are spread out there like Hershey’s Magic Shell is over ice cream cones. It’s out there, and it’s being harvested. So I guess if anything it’s nice to see web spiders and harvesters at work, keeping our internet safe and free…uhhh, right. Nevertheless, I’ll put up an update on Friday as to the Spam count for the week.
This message brought to you while listening to the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos’ Chant via Rhapsody.


3 thoughts on “Spam…

  1. Eric, what can I say, my tastes for music are like the streams of a soda pop machine. Some people like diet coke, others prefer mountain dew. As for me, I have my days where I need a little bit of the Monks chanting and then other days where Day of Fire is what’s on my mind.

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