Khachaturian Gayane Suites Nos. 1-3

Is it just me or does it seem that the majority of America’s youth these days are unappreciative and completely self-centered? It worried me the other day when I saw a little kid, maybe 12 with a cell phone. Like whoa.
What America needs is to reinvest in classical music. Yes, classical music. It’s been studied by scientists (smart people for the most part) who have put together theories (postulates, hypotheses) that listening to classical music as a young child stimulates the development of different parts of the brain. So this would in effect mean less children suffering from ADD, less children that have problems grasping the basics of math and reading comprehension. It would mean there would be the potential rise in the number of young adults 20 years from now with a gift for complex abstract thought, leading to another renaissance of reasoning.
However, as it would be we listen to music that has no meaning, no meat, no complexity, it’s just a simple guitar riff with a bassline playing with some meaningless words thrown on top. There are those musical groups that attempt to really stick to music theory and then there are those that really are meaningless.
What do I propose? For every hour that a person listens to “music”, they listen to something by the masters such as Khachaturian and his Gayane Suites.
That’s my quip for the day. Hope you have a good one.


2 thoughts on “Khachaturian Gayane Suites Nos. 1-3

  1. Classical music does not always do the trick.
    I listened to it while I was a baby, while growing up and even today.

    That in itself has not removed my problems, or even changed my life.

    I feel Television and the stuff they put in the food causes most of our problems… What stuff in the food you ask?

    When I was a boy, it took a chicken two years of growth to be mature enough to be sent to market. Today a Chicken is barely 6 weeks old before it is sent to the processing house. The growth hormones are put in the food for the chickens cattle and pigs, Do you think that these hormones are somehow magically lost in the processing or cooking of our foods… I don’t think so….. Hormones, once ingested become part of the muscle and fats in an animal. They are not lost in the cooking process either.. Becoming a vegetarian is not an answer either because the corn, wheat, carrots and most of our other foods have been geneticly altered to resist disease, grow faster and make more plants per sq.ft… Go figure. I really don’t think Mozart will stop ADD. AD is a byproduct of the hormones we eat in our foods and subliminal experiments with the TV’s of the worlds.

    I am not a scientist as you well know, just a silly old uncle.

    Hope you are doing well.
    By the way what happened to Binary Brewery?

    Uncle bobby

  2. Geek said “Khachaturian” not “Mozart”!!!! If you don’t know the difference, you’re destined for a sad life…. Mozart is nothing compared with Khachaturian.. Mozart is one of those who produced all this negative attidute to classical music that the youth has today. Khachaturian on the other hand can give an orgasm through his music to any human!

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