Khachaturian Gayane Suites Nos. 1-3

Is it just me or does it seem that the majority of America’s youth these days are unappreciative and completely self-centered? It worried me the other day when I saw a little kid, maybe 12 with a cell phone. Like whoa.
What America needs is to reinvest in classical music. Yes, classical music. It’s been studied by scientists (smart people for the most part) who have put together theories (postulates, hypotheses) that listening to classical music as a young child stimulates the development of different parts of the brain. So this would in effect mean less children suffering from ADD, less children that have problems grasping the basics of math and reading comprehension. It would mean there would be the potential rise in the number of young adults 20 years from now with a gift for complex abstract thought, leading to another renaissance of reasoning.
However, as it would be we listen to music that has no meaning, no meat, no complexity, it’s just a simple guitar riff with a bassline playing with some meaningless words thrown on top. There are those musical groups that attempt to really stick to music theory and then there are those that really are meaningless.
What do I propose? For every hour that a person listens to “music”, they listen to something by the masters such as Khachaturian and his Gayane Suites.
That’s my quip for the day. Hope you have a good one.


Halo 2

I feel like a little kid again… Chris and I ended up staying up til about 5 this morning playing and beating Halo 2. Kind of a lame ending, but oh well. I still like the first better — especially the map “Wizard”.


I sometimes wonder… what if on April 2, 2004 I had not reacted as quickly as I did. What if I had swerved and hit the truck head on? What if I pulled to the right and flipped over on the embankment? What if my brakes gave and I went under the trailer, shearing off the top of the Maxima?
I know that most people would say that I’m being fatalistic, or perhaps I’m looking at the past and drawing on moments that are life changers. But when you think about it, if you almost died wouldn’t you think about it for a while if you didn’t “finish dealing with it” when it happened?
I sometimes wonder what the reaction of my family would have been like… or the reaction of my so called friends that I never see or hear from anymore… or the reaction from my co-workers that I knew on the surface for the most part since apparently I was too brash for them to embrace.
Who would have come to the funeral? Who would given the eulogy? How would it have affected people?
All these questions lead me to today. What legacy am I leaving behind for others to perhaps investigate and try to carry on? Or would most people just sort of be shocked and continue on with their life thinking that it’s terrible that he passed away and continue to just live their lives as they already were?
I look at the number of people that visited me the week after my accident and I can count the number of people on one hand. I look at the number of e-mails and cards I received and the number is few – though I definitely appreciate the notes that I did receive.
Some might think that my thoughts might show a tendency of depression, and you might be right, maybe I’ve been suffering from depression for 9 months now, I doubt it since I’ve definitely smiled and had some good times, but it’s not like anyone has bothered to ask me how I’m doing expecting more than a surface answer except perhaps for my friend Andrew or my housemate Dave, and then there are those that do ask, but I question how genuine they are in their question, as though I see them perhaps hoping to gain favor.
So I leave you with this one thought, if you were gone tomorrow, like the hot vapor of tea evaporating into the air, would anyone notice? Would anyone care? What’s your legacy?

[Listening to: Liquid – Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay (3:31)]

Interesting Thought

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a connoisseur of rum. I prefer Bacardi, but have been known to try others. My favorite drink by far being 15/16ths a glass of diet coke and an 1/16th a glass of Rum (whether regular Bacardi Spiced Rum or his more powerful and vanilla brother Bacardi 151 Spiced Rum).
Some rums are less desireable and lack the taste that Bacardi provides. I’m curious to try this experiment that this group tried with Vodka and a Brita water filter. Check it out:
If a lot of you are interested in being a part of this, let me know and we’ll set up a date. No, there will be no drunkenness, strictly like wine testing, just Rum. And I’m not quite sure if we’ll use a bad rum and make it good, or use a good rum and make it better… we could be like BASF… “We don’t make the rum you drink, we make the rum you drink better.”


Okay, so I’m a softy, what’s your point? I decided I’d give Blockbuster Online a shot so that I’d be up to date on movies so that I can better communicate with my sister in law ? without spending a fortune… I figure for $18 a month that’s essentially like renting four movies right?
So last night was Raising Helen, tonight was Chasing Liberty. Definitely a cute movie… wish I worked for the service sometimes 😉 Nevertheless it’s on the Dan recommended list of movies. Check it out sometime if you’re in need of a pretty clean chick flick. And, if my former roommate Dylan from the Bice Boys ever reads this, “Yes Dylan, Mandy Moore is cute.” 🙂

My eyes are opened wide…

I’ve never been a big fan of movie films… granted I enjoyed The Great Escape and I’ve enjoyed movies like Gladiator and The Hunt for Red October. But there are times where I watch something like Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan where I get very quiet, very withdrawn, very distant. Typically there’s a point in both of those movies where I just have to stop and pray and thank God for the peace that He surrounds us with on a daily basis. Whether it be the beginning of Saving Private Ryan where Ryan is having a flashback to where he is told, “Remember me…” and then comes ot the present at the grave site in France, or if it’s where the soldier who is shot in the leg in Black Hawk Down undergoes “surgery” in a building that is bombed out and being defended by his fellow shoulders. Maybe it was the passing of Captain Joshua T. Byers on July 23, 2003 in Iraq that haunts my soul to this day — knowing that he gave his life so that I might live another day. Nonetheless, I came across this over at The Drudge Report today. I must say that I am continually proud to see our troops doing as well as they are, but at the same time, the images bring out the skeletons from the closet and haunt me to think that a young soldier is putting his life at risk, and he may or may not know the Lord. We’re afraid to share our faith with others, even those that are willing to risk their lives for us.
Enjoy the video clip, I don’t know who to attribute to it as a video credit, but I thank you nonetheless.