Operation Geek Ghost

Well, after being taunted by a friend of mine a few times, I decided that I would be spontaneous, random (okay so that’s usual), and take advantage of this festive time of costumes, masques and full moons (and eclipses apparently). So after being taunted by text message, I decided it was time to let my yes by my yes and my no be my no.
Operation, a success. By the pale moon light I danced with the… no that’s a different story… By the light of the bright full moon I made my way in my 04 Smoke Colored Nissan Maxima SE on the Fairfax County Parkway, down a couple of roads of suburbia and arrived at the point of no return. I dimmed the lights, did a drive by and turned around, parking across the street with the windows down, turning the nearly silent running car off and silently got out of the car, not letting the door closed. I took the package, slowly slithering across the ground in a nearly prostrate crawl in my full black garb, red hair ablaze. I got to the steps and slowly tiptoed up the steps delivering the package to the steps, setting it next to the pumpkin.
The house was quiet.
I quickly fled the scene, text messaging my friend that a gift had been delivered. Since then, no response. Alas, time for me to hide for a week or so until things die down.
Yet another adventure from the Geek Ghost…


4 thoughts on “Operation Geek Ghost

  1. I like it when my hair is ablaze thank you very much. It was really cool in highschool though, chilly Fall nights, marching band practice, oh yeah, definitely some steam raising out of the head. Even cooler in college when I shaved my head and on cool nights there would be this cloud over my head…

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