Beach Week 2004 Review

Well, last night I had the opportunity to sit and watch the video footage shot by my brother’s father in law of the week that I spent down in Corolla, NC a month ago with my family. Needless to say it was very heartwarming and basically just reminded me of how we really need to hold onto life and enjoy it. It was so sweet to watch my nephew Zachary, as it was his first time at the beach, hold onto his dad’s hand and slowly walk toward the water and then turn and run away occassionally, not quite sure what to think of the waves. My friend and I sat there and laughed every time that Zachary would get hit by a wave, getting off guard, tumbling backwards and splashing into the water. Sometimes he looked terrified, other times he looked like it was the funniest thing in the world. Definitely good times to share with a friend and just laugh together and enjoy the cuteness of Zachary.
There were also the occassional times where Zachary would stand there holding onto my brother’s hand, enjoying the water rushing around him, leaning up against my brother’s legs, trusting that he would be there for him. This reminds me a lot of the picture of Christ standing there next to us, holding our, letting us lean up against Him during those times of tribulation where we feel like the water is going to knock us down or push us over or suck us under, He’s there, holding on. We tend to think, “Where did you go God? Why’d you forsake me?” Those are the times where I typically find myself and I turn to my own means, my own ways, the wrong way. All I have to do is turn to Him and hold on, asking for His strength, His guidance, and that His will be done.
Amazing what a video of a small child can do to a 25 year old isn’t it?

[Listening to: Hang On – Michael W. Smith – Healing Rain (4:15)]

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