Donuts anyone?

For those of you that own an iPod, or even for those of you that find humor in the little objects that so many people covet and protect as though it is their baby, here’s something to definitely check out – Yes that’s right, it’s a donut, non edible according to the Q&A Answer 6. Eat your heart out Homer Simpson 🙂

One of the guys that I know from work pointed this out to me and told me that he was ordering one for his 3G iPod. I think that I’m going to see how well it handles and how bright it gets before placing my own order. After much thought and consternation he decided to go with the plain donut (what no glaze???) as they have a few different designs to choose from. I could definitely see some of them to be more hypnotizing than others.

It is pretty ingenious though that they came out with such a little device. I think it’s pretty sweet that they would make something that would actually make it easier to use your iPod while you’re driving home late at night from a friends house that happens to be an hour or two drive from where you live. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be advocating the use of the iPod while driving, especially since it might get you a ticket if you happen to be using the scroll wheel while driving through Washington, DC and you get a ticket for being a “distracted” driver (see the law here).

[Listening to: The Glory Of Your Name – Watermark – Pulse (4:15)]

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