Finishing the Race

I began a race back on April 22, 2002, taking a position as a scientist. After two years and fourth months of working as a scientist, I resigned my position to move onto more exciting work. I have mixed feelings about doing this obviously. And as it would be, my life has definitely taken on an interesting twist, seeing weaknesses and strengths, seeing what I am able to do and where I utterly fail.
Some might say that I was crazy to leave my job as the money was decent, the benefits were numerous and the risk of losing my job was nearly obsolete. But for the first time in my life I decided that it was time to live on the edge and see where the Lord would lead me.
I admit one thing that I’ve already found is just how selfish I am as a 25 year old male. It’s funny at times when I am sitting in a seminar or with friends or just day dreaming and I start to think, “What is the utility value of this? How does this affect me? How is this useful to me? What can I use this for? How can this help me?” It’s at this point that I see that my education at the University of Virginia really did have an effect on my life, making me scrutinize all things in my life. It’s times like this that I see that all of these questions reflect back onto me and I see just how selfish I am. So I hope not to be overbearing in this blog with those sorts of thoughts, though if they do surface, my apologies as I work through my “issues” of my life.
So here I am, living on the edge, trying things out, seeing how life really works, seeing what I do and don’t know. Some of the postings that you read here might seem utterly random, others might seem highly intellectual and others you might wonder, “What is he talking about?” As my friend John from high school used to say, “Only from the mind of Minolta.” John was quite a racey fellow mind you with racier thoughts than I.
Enjoy the ride and let me know what you think? Advice, comments, concerns, let your thoughts flow forth.

[Listening to: Much of You – Steven Curtis Chapman – All Things New (4:51)]

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