Social Interactions of a Geek

Have you ever noticed that there are geeks mixed in with society and that you would never know it unless you were really looking to find them?
This is not to say that geeks are like Waldo, wearing a large mad hatter cap and a striped red rugby shirt walking around in some random scene setting. Rather that there are those in society that have some of the most incredible thoughts and ideas for the world, and yet hide them, attempting to blend in with the rest of society, wishing not to attract attention to themselves. Why am I writing about this? Just because I find it interesting how many people out there are afraid to show their true colors of knowledge in their field, hoping to encourage them to be motivated in displaying their skills.

It’s as though geeks are able to hide amongst the enclaves of the rest of society, wearing masks and costumes to blend in. They have been fortunate to push forward ideas that “regular” folk have embraced such as PDAs, cell phones and iPods. Not to be forgotten would be personal computers. How many people out there do you know have a computer? How many people do you know spend countless hours on an instant messaging program, talking to friends that they hardly know in real life, yet know so well in the realm of virtual reality. There are few that you run into that actually want to know your home address so that they can mail you a package or postcard, let alone a letter with their thoughts and feelings. This is due of course to the convenience of e-mail (something that at one time Prodigy charged for every message above your monthly message allotment to users that were outside of their network) – another convenience that geeks helped to push onto the rest of society that is socially acceptable and common place.
Geeks are the people that put on their game face and enter the arena of life, looking to advance their cause, advance their standing and above all hide their true identity, or in the case of some. They primarily hope that no one will question their thoughts, their actions, their musings, their livelihood, but that they would be accepted into their cliques and groups of friends, providing fellowship and social interactions that their integrated circuit card computers are unable to provide.
Geeks by nature tend to carry on a life style of introversion, and yet there are those that seem to be able to be the life of a party, be the center of attention, having what would seem like the warmest personality in the bunch. These geeks, though they may seem to be outgoing people, are really introverts, completely and utterly drained when they leave the stage of life. In now way is this to say that geeks are unable of being well thought out and able to carry on conversations with others or that they are not able to have warm personalities. Rather it would seem to be just the opposite. As geeks have been shunned for their use of technical terminology in every day speak, they take great care in crafting their words after they have learned that it is not socially acceptable to speak above someone’s head. In addition, they take great care in making sure that they keep their friends, not speaking down to them, rather loving them for the people that they are and strengthening their friendship based on their common interests. Geeks crave to have friends; they crave the attention of those around them, they enjoy the social interactions that others are able to provide; computers don’t typically give hugs or make dinner quite the same way.
How do I see myself in all of this merely that I am quiet, I am a watcher, a thinker; I take in as much as I can from an interaction and then mull over it for hours on end until a solution presents itself. Sometimes these solutions seem ever so trivial to non-geeks, but for someone that thinks about a situation, analyzing it from every possible angle and presenting multiple cases and courses of action that are possible, slowly and scientifically eliminating solutions, the answer presents itself. Granted, I am also someone that creates a hypothesis from time to time and uses that to jump to a conclusion a little sooner than would be possible if I had adhered strictly to the scientific methodology of the typical geek’s mindset.
There is much more to be said, and it will be said over the following days and weeks.


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