Accusations and Rumors

Interestingly enough a friend of mine wondered why it is that I’m able to publish such prose with the thoughts that I do. Wondering why it is that whenever I talk on the phone I seem to be talking and making sense, but rather that I do not come off quite as refined, rather seeming to have a warm personality and yet a random sense of humor. I attribute this to my personality type, according to the Myers – Briggs Personality Instrument I am an INTP.
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Social Interactions of a Geek

Have you ever noticed that there are geeks mixed in with society and that you would never know it unless you were really looking to find them?
This is not to say that geeks are like Waldo, wearing a large mad hatter cap and a striped red rugby shirt walking around in some random scene setting. Rather that there are those in society that have some of the most incredible thoughts and ideas for the world, and yet hide them, attempting to blend in with the rest of society, wishing not to attract attention to themselves. Why am I writing about this? Just because I find it interesting how many people out there are afraid to show their true colors of knowledge in their field, hoping to encourage them to be motivated in displaying their skills.
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Hail to the Cavaliers

After wondering duing the off season if the UVA Cavaliers would have a decent team this year, it would seem that the coaches and sports associations had it right. The Cavaliers walked all over Temple today, what a game to listen to via Yahoo! 🙂
Plus, Virginia Sports is going to start showing games online — can we say whoa? As my friend Ashley would say, “Like Whoa”. —
Go Hoos!