iTunesAlarm — Woohoo!

How many times have you felt as though you were pulled out of a dream in a way that lacked something soothing? Used to that alarm clock buzzing obnoxiously next to your head? Tired of it? Have an iPod or use iTunes all that often? Use a PC (yes, I know, I’m a sinner for not owning a macintosh…)? Is your PC in your bedroom? Well then, perhaps you should check out the iTunesAlarm clock 🙂
Very cool program if I might be allowed to say so myself. I like the ability to create a wakeup playlist — good for those nights when I go to bed at 1:30 and need to be up at 5… oh wait that’s every night.
Nonetheless, check it out, try it out and enjoy it.

[Listening to: Clarity – John Mayer – Heavier Things (4:31)]

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