iTunesAlarm — Woohoo!

How many times have you felt as though you were pulled out of a dream in a way that lacked something soothing? Used to that alarm clock buzzing obnoxiously next to your head? Tired of it? Have an iPod or use iTunes all that often? Use a PC (yes, I know, I’m a sinner for not owning a macintosh…)? Is your PC in your bedroom? Well then, perhaps you should check out the iTunesAlarm clock 🙂
Very cool program if I might be allowed to say so myself. I like the ability to create a wakeup playlist — good for those nights when I go to bed at 1:30 and need to be up at 5… oh wait that’s every night.
Nonetheless, check it out, try it out and enjoy it.

[Listening to: Clarity – John Mayer – Heavier Things (4:31)]

Back in business.

Well, after switching web hosting companies and working on learning PHP a little bit better I thought that perhaps I would open back up to the world and start blogging again. For those of you wondering when I might post previous posts back upon onto the web, I’ll see what I can do. Some of them may or may not be appropriate depending on how much you know about me and besides some of the posts deal with events and other things that are in the past which are no longer all that noteworthy.
Nonetheless, I thought that I would give a short recap on events in the past six months. On April 2, 2004, I was in an accident that involved my 98 Maimxa (may you rest in peace my humble chariot) and a Kenworth Tractor Trailer. It was not the most pleasant of experiences and left my car’s front end with something to be hoped for. On the plus side of things, I walked away from the accident with a scratch on my left leg and bruised ribs and a shoulder that hurt like the dickens. I didn’t drive for about a week and a half and then after that my great car search began. After test driving somewhere around 25 different cars I finally decided to go back to Nissan and begin the procurement of a 2004 Nissan Maxima SE. To say the least, it flys. Below is a picture of her — Max 2.

Beyond that, life has been somewhat uneventful, with the minor exception of my nephew who has excelled in his academic studies, learning to turn the lights on and off and speak Spanish before the age of 2. Needless to say, I am a proud uncle.

[Listening to: Manner And Means – Caedmon’s Call – Back Home (4:42)]