H20 Scare in California

Calif. Officials Nearly Fall for H2O Hoax (AP)
AP – City officials were so concerned about the potentially dangerous properties of dihydrogen monoxide that they considered banning foam cups after they learned the chemical was used in their production.
The shortfalls of the US society and its attitude toward education can be shown in the news article that was recently posted on Yahoo News. Quite sad that someone would be able to fall into a ploy, thinking that Dihydrogen monoxide was a terrible chemical agent.
Granted, I wouldn’t expect an English major to figure this out, but isn’t it pretty well known from sophomore year chemistry in high school that dihydrogen (two hydrogen atoms) monoxide (single oxygen) is H2O, something better known to society as a water molecule?
I realize that I might be conceited in this considering the fact that I tend to be a person that likes to study and read and learn, but still it just seems somewhat ridiculous that someone didn’t attempt to steer this lawyer back in the right direction. Nuff said.


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