Bice 401

fter not having spent more than two hours in Charlottesville for almost a year now, I made the journey back to Charlottesville after work this past Friday, driving down good ole I-64 West toward The University and up Route 29. It was a period of time less than 24 hours that was definitely some of the most precious time I’ve spent with anyone in a while (excluding the friends that I had up this past week from Georgia).

After driving through Grounds and my jaw dropping seeing some of the construction that’s been taking place unbeknownst to my knowledge (the parking lot off of Rothery… The bridge next to Lambeth…), I stopped by Harris Teeter to pick up a few essentials for the evening’s activities (Guinness, Double Stuf Oreo’s and Turkey Hotdogs) I headed on to the secret location of our gathering.
I was greeted by faces that I had not seen in nearly two years as Michael, Tim, Dylan and Mitchell were already there, as were a few select guests (Matt, Jessica and Kenton [aka: Purple]). Around 9:30 Kenton made his way for the door as he wasn’t feeling all that well and he needed to get some rest. About thirty minutes later Tim was off to see Courtney, his beloved, and Matt and Jessica were on their way out for the evening as well. That left just the four of us to sit down and relax and recapitulate what has been going on in our lives for the past months since we had last seen one another. Sadly Robinson was not among us, though we would have been greatly honored to have our friend out in California be with us.
Somewhere in between Michael relating to us about the different examinations that he’s learned to perform during his time in Med School, and hearing about Mitchell’s recent dealings with students in the classes that he TAs, Michael and Dylan decided that it was about time to go to bed, but before they could we waited for Tim to arrive to see the beautiful stars and full moon. Once Dylan felt that Tim had seen the moon sufficiently, we all crowded into Dylan and Michael’s room and after tucking them in, Tim, Mitchell and I stayed up til just before 4 AM chatting about life and relationships and every other thing that you could think of.
Our adventure did not end there though, as we ventured out to The Tavern off of Barrack’s Road and Route 29 for some Sausage Gravy with biscuits for the manly and Greek Omelets for those that are just as manly but not quite as manly as those manly enough to partake in the Sausage Gravy with biscuits…even Michael had the Sausage Gravy with biscuits.
After a hearty meal in which Tim and Courtney finally arrived for, my portion of this weekend came to an end, but not before we shared many hugs and handshakes and other rituals such as group photographs we began to head for our vehicles, where upon we were stopped by Lady Christina of Houston, Texas who blessed us with her presence. Another round of hugs and sharing was in order, but only for so long before I departed… and thus ends this trip to Charlottesville.
For pictures click here


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