Analysis of Microsoft’s Hidden W2K

Analysis of Microsoft’s Hidden W2K Source

A quick, superficial look at the style and content of the leaked Windows 2000 source. I quote from the comments but not the code, so this should be safe for developers to read…

Does anyone wonder these days if the US Press is more into sensationalism than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, when I heard about this security leak I was grinning going, “Microsoft, poor ole Microsoft.” But after reading through this analysis of what the code was that was actually leaked it goes to show just how out of proportion the press likes to blow things. I do enjoy reading the bottom line from this guy, basically stating that there are tradeoffs — either pleasing the customer or making stable clean code. Maybe some day we can have both :o)
Altogether though a very good read that most will be interested in reading just to see what is actually out there that Microsoft leaked. Definitely puts things in a way that pretty much anyone could understand reading.


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