Couch Pototo Work Out — You Too Can Be Fit

Couch Potato Workouts

What does it say about America if a leading group of physical therapists is recommending “Couch Potato Workouts” for the ultra-lazy? One trainer will show you an exercise routine for your bathroom. And now there’s evidence that just thinking about exercise burns calories….

Yes, you too can be fit! I think that the thing that most interested me from this entire story definitely was near the end dealing with those that were doing hand exercises found that they were in better shape, but those that were just merely thinking about doing the hand exercises also saw a slight increase in their feeling better. So basically what do I take away from this? Basically I see this simple psychological exercise as being something that we can do every day. Just start thinking about your cells doing more work and exothermic energy will be released… well, maybe not. But hey we can dream.

By the way, if you’re looking for diets and the South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet just don’t seem like they’re for you… check out the Hacker’s Diet 🙂


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