San Diego… how do I miss you :'(

Okay, so I admit, I’m a sucker whenever it comes to saying goodbye and moving on. When I no longer had classes in Phyiscs 204, my heart was crushed as that was “the Physics hall.” At least for me it was. So after shedding a few tears back in the fall of 1998, I moved on…but it was definitely hard to do. So after being in San Diego for 18 days for work, my heart feels as though it has been torn out and kicked around like a kickball.

Sure, I’ll admit that I didn’t go sight seeing as much as I would have liked… and I didn’t get to see Shamu, but I did get to see some incredible sunsets as Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, as well as the ocean — something that I miss seeing — though it seems odd being to the west rather than the east.
One thing though that I’ll definitely admit is that the Gas Lamp district is just darn cool. There’s something for everyone… if you like Pizza, there’s Sammy’s Pizza, or maybe your more a fan of fine cuisine and a fine assortment of beers served by the pint, the half yard and the yard at the Yard House — I suggest the half yard of chocolate milk — if only they had it on tap it would be so good. ;-). Or perhaps you feel like having a rude waiter, go to Dick’s Last Resort where napkins fly and so does the sarcasm.
Of course, if that doesn’t suit your fancy there’s other fine cuisine such as Morton’s Steakhouse of Chicago. Sure, it will probably cost you your per diem for the week, but come on now, it’s some tasty food and you’re in San Diego darnit 🙂
So you can’t stand the racy-ness of the GasLamp district? No problem, that’s why I’m happy to tell you about Old Town San Diego. Now, I know you might start thinking, “But there’s only mexican food to be eaten here.” And I guess you could say that in most respects you’re completely correct, but who said that San Diego was all about food? What about the history? What about the locals? Okay, you’re right so it’s been commercialized, but not to the point of South of the Border.
If none of these seems to interest you, you can always go to the Zoo or SeaWorld…sadly I never made it to those two :-
Alas, if you go to San Diego, enjoy it…both for me and for you.


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