The Net

Okay, so here I am in San Diego and I’m beat after a long week of work and I figure, let’s watch some TV… TBS usually has a decent movie on Saturday night. So I turn TBS on and none other than The Net with Sandra Bullock is on.
My first thought was, ‘Hey this is a decent flick, good action with the techie nerd side.’ Little did I know that after all the reading I’ve done I definitely started to feel that it was a mockery of tech stuff.

For starters, the whole idea of someone having access to all sorts of systems is just a little out there. I mean, sure there are some hackers out there that know their stuff and probably have access to more than we’d all like to admit to, but I don’t honestly think that they could maintain access the way that they do in this movie.
In addition, after noticing that during a network trace there is a 345 subnet I started to wonder who it was that they had hired as their technical consultant. Unless they’re using a specialized TCP/IP stack or a version of IP that is not widely used (like version 6 maybe).
So I thought to myself, tell me that I’m not the first person to catch this… after doing a little google searching, I found a page put together that actually details a lot of the mistakes in this movie. The one that defintiely makes me chuckle the most is where she puts in an IP address that is only three octets (52.136.434) and the third octet does not even sit in the range of regular IPs.
For more chuckles, check this out: Tech of the Net.
Enjoy reading it and chuckling a bit at the way they messed this up.
I will admit though that the redeeming value is that to me it seemed the mainpoint that they were pressing to prove was that all of our information was now just 1’s and 0’s. Paper documents are nice to have, but of little value… just remember what you do on the net… someone is watching.


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