Perry’s Cafe

I figured that I would add a little bit of a different taste as to what is posted here on the Binary Brewery and decided that a review of Perry’s Cafe in San Diego, California would be a good change of pace for the Brewery.

The hours of this cafe are 6 AM til 2 PM — definitely targetting the military community here in the San Diego area. The menu has frittitas (fancy omlets as their menu notes). From looking at what others were having they looked to be enormous.
As for me I decided to try out their beef burrito supreme — I think I’ve had Mexican at least once a day every day that I’ve been here. The burrito was tasty, and the rice was actually the tastiest that I’ve had save for El Fandago’s a week ago. However, unlike most places and probably due to the fact that the cafe primarily focuses on breakfast items, they only had shredded beef filling for their burritos. It’s good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but I must say that my tastes for shredded beef in a burrito just isn’t quite the same as what others like.
The potato salad was also pretty decent, a large dallop (okay, mega dallop) served on a leaf of lettuce. Delectible, not too much mayo and overall quite appetizing.
Would I recommend Perry’s definitely, it’s good home cooked food with a cheery staff. More recommendations as I think about them…


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