San Diego… how do I miss you :'(

Okay, so I admit, I’m a sucker whenever it comes to saying goodbye and moving on. When I no longer had classes in Phyiscs 204, my heart was crushed as that was “the Physics hall.” At least for me it was. So after shedding a few tears back in the fall of 1998, I moved on…but it was definitely hard to do. So after being in San Diego for 18 days for work, my heart feels as though it has been torn out and kicked around like a kickball.
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The Net

Okay, so here I am in San Diego and I’m beat after a long week of work and I figure, let’s watch some TV… TBS usually has a decent movie on Saturday night. So I turn TBS on and none other than The Net with Sandra Bullock is on.
My first thought was, ‘Hey this is a decent flick, good action with the techie nerd side.’ Little did I know that after all the reading I’ve done I definitely started to feel that it was a mockery of tech stuff.
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25 Years Down…

With the advent of my 25th Birthday, I take this time to look back and reminisce life as it has presented itself to me thus far. It’s been interesting, don’t get me wrong, however it has also been in some aspects frustrating and rediculous 🙂
First I would like to start off with the fact that I have a wonderful set of parents, a brother and sister in law that are magnificant and a nephew that well, yeah, he rocks :o) Next I move onto my roommates Dave and Marshall (sorry Michael, you’ve moved out) — what would I do without you guys? Who would I beat in Halo? Onto the rest of my friends in the world, you’re great people, but you really should e-mail me more often!

I think back and look over the past year and I definitely must say that it passed by very quickly. Last year for my birthday, I was at work, hanging out with not much to do on a Saturday, on call in Norfolk. This year was Super Bowl Sunday, so I guess that means that I didn’t get to do quite as much as I would have liked with friends due to the fact that they were all at their respective parties, but what can I say, my 26th birthday is going to be a zoot zoot riot!